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Welcome to The CTB: The Cheap Tobacco Blog!

Updated: Jan 6, 2022

Cheap Tobacco Blog is going to be your source for handy weekly information pertaining to the products we sell and those related, the community we care for, as well as, a safe place for the Cheap Tobacco Family to interact, engage, build, and laugh.


You Blog?

Yes we definitely blog! We are going to be providing our dedicated, loyal, Cheap Tobacco members with more than just great deals and excellent service. We are going to be researching and writing weekly to help bring you a source of knowledgeful and comical relief from that crazy world out there. We see this place becoming a sort of playground for everyone who wishes. We will get to joke and laugh, while also talking about information you may find intriguing and helpful.

But first things first...

If we are all going to be here interacting as a family, we must first establish some ground rules.

Rule Book

#1 Be Respectful: no foul language and no threats, we are all family here

#2 Keep it Real: voice your opinions and say how you feel, just follow the Rule #1

#3 Speak Truth: this is no place for conspiracy, your opinions are yours and they may be stated, but do not try to force these ideas upon others

#4 Enjoy Yourself: relax, interact, have fun, and let us know what you want to see next

#5 Failure: Failure to follow these rules will end interaction for everyone, so lets try and follow the few rules we have in place

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